Working with a Publisher: Case Studies of Successful Photo Book Projects

Joanna Hurley with Andrew Beckham and Brenda Biondo

Hurley Media

Andrew Beckham

Brenda Biondo

Saturday, March 7

4:30-6:30 pm
Location: CPAC Gallery, 1513 Boulder St. Denver
Tickets: $10 members, $15 non-members
Open to All

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Publishing Your Photo Book: Case Studies of Successful Photo Book Projects

For many artists, working with a publisher to bring a project to publication in the form of a book is a highly desirable goal. It is also an enormously challenging task to undertake. The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is pleased to offer an evening of lively discussion and helpful insights on this important topic, with speakers on both sides of the publishing world.

Joanna Hurley is a publisher, artist’s agent and book packager with 30+ years of experience in the field of photographic and fine art books, and the owner of Hurley Media in Santa Fe, NM. We are thrilled to have Joanna join us, as she brings a wealth of valuable experience from inside the publishing world to share with us.

On the artist side of the equation, Colorado photographers Andrew Beckham and Brenda Biondo will discuss their experiences bringing a photography project successfully to publication. Andrew has had his art and photography published by both Princeton Architectural Press and GFT Publishing, and Brenda’s first book of photographs was published by the University Press of New England. While the final goal was the same, the paths that Brenda and Andrew took were quite different. This presentation will take a look at the processes that led up to the publication of their projects. While this is not explicitly a “how to” workshop, it is a set of “case studies” on how two photographers with very different projects (and ultimately working with very different kinds of publishers) found success in the ultra-competitive world of fine art publishing.

A panel discussion will conclude the evening, with Joanna joining Andrew and Brenda to take questions from the audience. If you’re interested in making a book, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain some real insight into the process needed to get your project considered for publication.

A book signing with Andrew and Brenda will follow the discussion.